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Trekking In Manali: Top 5 Treks In Manali

Himachal Pradesh is an exquisite combination of natural beauty and snow-capped mountains. Tourists get to enjoy thrilling adventure sports and appealing nature in one place. If you want to escape the hot summer months in your city then Himachal Pradesh holds exhilarating spots for a wonderful holiday. Located in the foothills of Western Himalayas, the state embarks a cozy spot for adventure lovers, couples, and diverse cultures. It is one of the most visited locations in Northern India attracting worldwide people.

Himachal Pradesh and its appealing beauty

Tourists come back with a handful of memories from the mesmerizing state of Himachal Pradesh. The place has endless valleys, falls, gardens, and monasteries, which make your travel journey fruitful. Ancient temples and monasteries of the state represent the magnificent diverse culture. The mountain passes and peaks are open for trekking in Manali to witness the elegant beauty of the state.

Himachal Pradesh showers superlative trekking opportunities, which many people do not know. The state has many amplifying things to offer than it seems like paragliding and rock climbing.

Trekking in Himachal Pradesh – Top 5 Treks in Manali

Some of the locations are seasonal because of their random weather. Deo Tibba trek and Hampta Pass trek are easy to moderate treks are done in monsoons while seasonal treks like Pin Parvati Pass trek is a difficult grade trek done in summers. However, Himachal Pradesh gives you abundant views of mystical mountains and lush green valleys. Trekking has become famous in Manali even for beginners to start.

Beas Kund Trek


Beas Kund Trek located amid the Dhauladhar Ranges exposes the ancient significance of the best treks in Manali with their historic spots. This trekking route is quite short and it’s easy to reach. The route of about 17 km takes three days to reach the main spot. Beas Kund Trek is open for all age groups people for low terrains and even paths.

This hiking in the Manali expedition embarks through the snow-capped mountains and grasslands of Manali. Trekkers walk through the route by the soothing mountain terrains and Beas River on their side. The journey offers exquisite views of the place and Pir Panjal Ranges.  At an altitude of 3810m, trekkers perceive the high mountains of Manali like Shitidhar, Deo Tibba, and Hanuman Tibba.

You will experience the best night under the starry night in the tent throughout the journey. The Beas Kund Trek is famous in the Kullu Valley as one of the best Manali treks. You get access to Solang valley, Manali, Dhundi, and Bakarthach meadows from Beas Kund Trek.

  • Region- Kullu valley
  • Duration- 3 days, 16-17km
  • Altitude- 12139ft
  • Best time- May to October
  • Difficulty grade- East to Moderate

Hampta pass trek


The Hampta Pass Trek is quite popular located at an altitude of 14000 feet it is considered one of the best treks in the state. The wide landscape of the Lahul-Spiti valley gives you awestruck views once you reach the top. It is contrasting to the locations you left behind. The cross-over treks near Manali depend on rough mountainous terrains and barren lands. Hampta Pass trek has challenges because of the constant change in altitudes.

Climbing through the rugged terrains of Spiti valley is not a piece of cake. Hiking in Manali combines natural scenery and thrill on the way.  The surreal and challenging journey from Manali is worth witnessing the exquisite sunrise at Chandratal Lake being the major attraction of this trek, which both beginners and professional trekkers can avail.

Campsites of Hampta Pass Trek are wonderful with flowing rivers, high mountains, and oak forests. If you are fortunate then witness three distinguished passes of Hampta, Lahaul, Spiti, and Rohtang from trekking in Himachal Pradesh. Hampta Pass Trek brings you closure to the historical Buddhist culture descending from Spiti valley. It is an exhilarating pass connecting Lahul with Manali in between.

  • Region- East Manali
  • Duration- 5 days, 35km
  • Altitude- 14000ft
  • Best time- June to October
  • Difficulty grade- Moderate to Difficult

Bhrigu Lake Trek


Bhrigu Lake located at an altitude of 14,100 feet is one of the difficult treks in Himachal Pradesh. This trek is stunning for a beginner to reach such a height in the Himalayas. The best time for trekking in Manali remains safe for tourists during the summer months. Trekkers start their journey from Manali and reach the mountain top in just four days. The magnificent trekking journey runs through the alpine forests and vast meadows.

The Bhrigu Lake changes its color every summer season for its appealing nature and royal beauty. Picturesque attractions in the surrounding nature give you an electrifying view of the Pir Panjal ranges and Seven sister peaks.

The entire range of mountains captivates the lake all around making the place an epitome of charm. The natural view of the lake makes trekking in Himachal Pradesh worthy. In a short period, it offers an opportunity to witness the beauty of nature, mountains, and lakes together. Focus on the strength activities before going to the Bhrigu Lake Trek. The endless grasslands and panoramic view of mountain ranges from the Rola Kholi campsite are breathtaking.

  • Region- 20km away from Manali and closer to Gulaba
  • Duration- 4days maximum, 26km
  • Altitude- 14100ft
  • Best time- May to September
  • Difficulty grade- Easy to Moderate

Deo Tibba Trek

deo-tibba-base-camp-trek (1)

The distinctive peak of Deo Tibba is known as an incarnation of Hindu God. Trekkers prepare for several challenges before the trek because it is a moderately difficult grade. It is suitable for trekkers who have previous experience and not for beginners. The pathway beside the streams is covered with boulders. It takes a lot of courage to overcome all the hurdles on the way. During the rainy season, these places become slippery and dangerous for crossing. However, it is all worth the snow-capped view of mountain ranges and long stretches of green meadows. The major attractions of the Deo Tibba Trek include walking past the thick alpine and oak forest.

There is a mini Chandratal Lake near the Deo Tibba Mountain at 4480m surrounded by wild alpine flowers, which makes the surrounding soothing. .  The Crystal blue water of the lake beautifully reflects high mountain peaks and the green leaves of the pine trees.

You can catch glimpses of the Ravi River from the top of the mountains. Trekkers enjoy trekking in Manali to witness the mesmerizing waterfall seen at a distance from the peaks. The Deo Tibba Mountain is the second-highest among Pir Panjal Ranges located in Himachal Pradesh at an elevation of 6001m. You get the opportunity to stay under tents and a sky full of stars.

  • Region- Above Jagatsukh village in Manali
  • Duration- 6 days, 23km
  • Altitude- 20000 ft
  • Best time- May-April and September-October
  • Difficulty grade- Difficult

Sar Pass Trek


This is one of the best Manali treks in Himachal Pradesh starting from the Kasol region. It has endless mountain views to offer to the trekkers throughout the journey. You get to see sights of deodar and pine trees throughout the mountain trails. Sar Pass Trek is covered with snowy glaciers and forest towards Biskeri Ridge. Trekkers come through a frozen lake called ‘Sar” between the Tila Lotni and Biskeri Ridge.

Sar Pass Trek at an elevation of 13850ft unfolds a hidden village known as Grahan village for the trekkers. It is a wonderland combination of mountains, forests, flora, and glaciers. Sunset at Ming Thach point portrays the serene beauty of nature to the trekkers. Though the trek is challenging for the rugged terrain and thick ice it gives you blissful memories in your life. Parvati valley gives you astounding images of the mountain ranges and photography of birds. Located at a popular tourist spot Sar Pass is known as “Mini Israel of Himalayas”. It is an excellent destination for trekking in Manali with delightful valleys and exquisite mountains.

  • Region- Near Manikaran
  • Duration- 5-6 days, 48km
  • Altitude- 14000ft
  • Best time- May to October
  • Difficulty grade- Moderate to Difficult

Treks near Manali in the state of Himachal Pradesh are not a piece of cake. Trekkers get to overcome hurdles with sheer determination and endurance. The best time for trekking in Manali comes with adverse challenges but it is worth every view of the stunning mountain ranges. Rugged terrains of the valley have beauty in them apart from their limits. Every trekker falls in love with these destinations once you step into the state. The scenic beauty and diverse culture make it an ideal trekking destination in the world.

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