We’ve developed standards to better assist our authors, users, and publishers as part of our commitment to making article authoring a successful platform. You must follow these standards in order to be considered for publication on our site. This is significant for several reasons:

  • Your credibility as an expert author in your field, as well as our credibility as your platform, is critical. The better the quality, the better the user experience will be.
  • When you’ve gained your readers’ trust, they’ll come back. This is accomplished by consistently offering value. Increased traffic to your website or blog is a result of adding more value.
  • Branding with content improves your chances of being noticed. You stay ahead of the pack by consistently producing innovative, high-quality material. To break even, don’t skim. LEAD.
  • It lowers the chances of your article being rejected or your account being suspended.
  • The foundation of a positive reading experience is original and helpful articles.

Content that is both original and informative

Quality is defined by two characteristics: originality and usefulness. Here are a few pointers for each:


  • You must own 100% of the content you publish on Vooei. The content that is contributed may be published elsewhere, but it must have the same author name on all of its appearances. We will not post your article on our site if you published it elsewhere without including your name. It is critical that you retain ownership of your content regardless of where it is published.
  • It is appropriate to hire a ghostwriter. Proceed with caution and hire only those you can trust. It is still your obligation to guarantee that the content of your articles adheres to the requirements, so make sure to include quality control procedures in each one. Fire your ghostwriter if they don’t pass.
  • If you are submitting an article on behalf of an author as an employee or contractor, please submit it as if it came from the original author, including his or her email address and name.


  • Written material that provides advice, strategies, techniques, case studies, analyses, opinions, or commentary on topics within an area of expertise is referred to as informative content. Beyond common sense advice and broad information, this content must deliver significant value to the reader.
  • Article content should not be a recycled version of previous articles’ advice and information. Each article must contain new information not covered in earlier entries.

“Vooei combines real-world professionals and Vooei publishers together,” for example, is new, original content. “Real-world specialists and Vooei publishers are brought together by Vooei,” a rehashed version of this statement that adds no new information to the initial statement.

Only by focusing on providing excellent, original material in every one of your articles will you be able to provide a great user experience.