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Pineapples Can Be Used in Many Very Different Recipes

There are plenty of recipes that include slices of pineapple. Since it’s a fruit that has a very strong flavor, it’s sometimes important not to pair it with foods that have equally powerful tastes and fragrances. However, the pineapple won’t always have to be the most immediately recognizable ingredient in the recipe.

Fresh Pineapple

Sliced pineapple pieces are often used in fruit salads. People who add pineapple to these salads might not need to use strawberries, which have a similarly powerful flavor. They’re both nutritious fruits, and it’s possible to get lots of pineapple slices from one individual pineapple at a time.

Pineapple chunks or pieces can also be used instead of oranges, which can change a recipe in similar ways. It’s common to avoid removing the orange peel when oranges are added to salads. People won’t have the same problems with pineapples, which can make them effective replacements for oranges in some cases. Pineapple slices can also be used as small and simple side dishes relatively easily. Those small dishes might not even require many other ingredients.

Recipe Toppings

It’s common to use pineapple slices as a garnish, including for dishes that are offered as main courses. People still might eat the pineapple slices, but the pineapple juice will help add some more flavor to the dinner item itself. Pineapples are sweet and very slightly sour, which can make pineapple recipes unique. It’s still possible to use pineapples in desserts like cakes, despite the mild sourness of these fruit pieces.

Most pineapple cakes are also flavored using vanilla. The pineapple pieces might be visible. It’s also certainly possible to make pies using pineapple. These desserts will be similar to cherry pies and other pies made using partly sour and very moist types of fruit.

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