Building An Android App Things To Know Before Building Apps For Android

Building An Android App: Things To Know Before Building Apps For Android

Every new day mobile companies are launching a new phone with advanced and latest features that comprehend the previous one. Unlike mobile phones, mobile applications are also soaring since their invention, and there are high chances that your app might go unnoticed.

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Building An Android App

This doesn’t mean your developers haven’t worked hard on rather, and it has to be like an organized business process that can easily solve the main purpose of the user. Overall, you can say that the competition is fierce to build the next viral app, and every company is doing every possible thing to come on top and offer another piece of the digital revolution.

So, if you, as the developer, know more about the react-native android app and are looking forward to building one, then there are a number of things to consider before designing an app. Let’s get started: –

Conduct market research

Before deciding on an app, it is recommended to do well R and D. Well, building an app is not a difficult task, but an app that works well and gets viral is important.  However, to do this, conduct in-depth market research so that you will come to know the current market scenario and your competitors.

In addition to that, it will also help to understand various techniques used by rivals and their mistakes in their apps. With this, you can focus more on those errors and develop an excellent plan to make your app worth it.

One size does not fit all

Every mobile phone in the market has a different size display like Samsung S3 has 4.8 inches, Samsung S4 has around a 5-inch display, etc. Now the question arises what is the connection between display and apps?

This means your app designers have to produce images that will fit different screen sizes, which means they have to create a portrait of multiple resolutions.

Always build a minimum viable app

Once the app is ready to work, it is essential to test it before entering the market. With regards to this, go for an MVP as it is the version of your app which has different vital features to check, understand, and not the least essential of the app very precisely. Overall, you can say it is a deep introspection of the app in a nutshell which will tell you how it will perform when it launches in the market. What are the features you must add to your app, which is the best feature you should prioritize in your app, etc.?

Complex programming model- Longer build time

This is a very concerning subject that needs double attention, especially when you have lots of experience building an app, and a longer building time will cost you more. If you talk about the Android programming model, it is quite complex as compared to iOS.

For example, when an iPhone app is being created, Apple tells its developers to design an app with the help of the Model-View-Controller. But when the point is of Android, they only offer a toolbox to build an app and say get going.

While some people love to show their creativity as a developer, they will surely take more price as it becomes for them to plan everything themselves and make an app. That means it is very hard to develop an app on Android as compared to iOS so take your time and Then take the right decision.

Maintenance, privacy, and security

Every app launched in the market indeed has some other maintenance costs, no matter who had built it. Once the app is launched, the company has to take care of various things in forming new content for the app, tracking the app, how it is performing in the market, and most importantly, you have to inform your customers of what’s new in this app now.

However, if you think that your app can easily rely on the server to update all the information, then it’s fine. Otherwise, you have to do it. Both these work will cost you, and also make sure you know what is needed to maintain your app.

Moreover, if you talk about privacy policy, it is also essential for the app to be included as sometimes your app can collect sensitive data from the users. So, it is required to cover all the info on what is being collected and how it is used?

Besides, maintenance and privacy policy security are also one of these bread and butter that you cannot neglect. In this regard, ensure to add protection at the beginning of the development process. The reason is user data is the most valuable asset. Thus ensure to add all the vital processes like collecting, handling, and storing data to manage the potential security risks.

Determine the different ways to earn from an app

Before you build an app, make sure to find different ways to monetize your app applications. There are various strategies; for example, private advertisements are inside your app, which will help you start earning in the form of pay-per-click.

Apart from that, you also have to consider whether you will charge your user for downloading in-app purchases or not. But if you want to increase your app download, then always go for the premium option.

Also, consider the cost of developing an app

Several factors contribute to determining the overall cost of developing an app. However, all the elements must be precisely analysand before you set up your budget boundaries.

The bottom line

Android is the platform that is getting famous at a high rate, but it is not your developer’s best friend. So, before you take a leap into the Android world to develop an app, talk to your developer about building an app. Apart from that, do your own research as well so that you very well know what you are getting into. I hope you liked this article on the Android app and know more about the react-native android app!

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